Yoram Yasur Izz: Recovery after a job loss

Yoram Yasur Izz | The labor market is shrinking during the current economic recession. That is why Job loss can be devastating both emotionally and financially for hundreds of workers.

Also those workers told weekly that they will terminate their jobs.

It is one of the most traumatic experiences of life, often causing feelings of anger, anxiety and hopelessness.
The reality of job loss is dealing with the practical and emotional loss:

loss of practice is the loss of income and bene-fits.

Emotionally, job loss can damage the image of ourselves and cause fears about the future. And the ability to meet financial commitments.

Many worry about how they are viewed by others.

Recovery and reconstruction after a job loss:

Recovery after a job loss is the ability to work through a difficult time without being overcome by the circumstances, driven by emotions. In adition is a feeling of defeated.

Recovery after job loss can be seen as a series of stages, each with a goal and tasks.

It helps people understand their experience as a process that develops and changes over time. In fact It can help keep your self-control, even when we may feel anxious and distrustful.

First stage: acceptance of reality and deal:

Job loss is often quite shocking. However this stage begins with a sense of bewilderment that people are totally baffled by this turn of events.

Recognizing what you are feeling is the first step toward relief.

“The main objective of this stage is to survive this initial phase without doing anything harmful to oneself, future options. In adition our relation-ships”.

It is important to adjust yourself to this new reality.  Manage instant emotional response, addressing the issues of self-esteem and humiliation while dealing with family problems.

Second stage: Surviving:

Upon entering the second stage, the disappointment begins to fade. People begin to deal with the problems of survival and emotional and financial stability. This stage is to lay the foundations on which people will rebuild their lives. And includes emotional, practical and financial tasks.

Third stage: Formulation of a plan

The formulation of a plan gives a systematic, step by step guide on what to do and when.

The main objective of this stage is the assessment of the needs, abilities and dreams, and the main tasks include life balance. Also Evaluating options, development of plans and self-image reconstruction.

Step Four: Decision-making and self-renewal

It represents the end of this trip. However recovery basis for self-renewal and self-determination, and is the active application of decisions. Accepting personal responsibility, taking emotional risks and regaining self-confidence.

Rebuilding after job loss is a process that is carried out only with time.

Yoram Yasur Izz: “The amount of time depends on the person-ality of the individual. Their approach to life, resilience, and support system”.

Step five: Find a new job:

Get organized by making a list of all available organizations, companies and agencies short drive.

Review your resume and start knocking on doors, making phone calls and writing letters of application.

It is always important to remem-ber that a job loss is not easy. That happens to most and the best.

The key to recovery is recovering with grace and dignity.

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