Yoram Yasur Izz: 5 things that stop you in life, and how to get rid of them

Yoram Yasur Izz | Sometimes the smallest details that go unnoticed are the ones that most interfere with our progress.

Unknowingly, those little details are holding us back and stopping us from moving forward. It’s time to spot them and work on them! So you can change your life radically, are you prepared?


Thoughts are everything. If the negatives invade us, progress will stop. If the positives are the ones that predominate, everything will seem to go well. Try to try hard and change what you think. Avoid the NO in your head and look for the return so that each thought has something positive.


Sometimes we do what is within our reach to be positive but if our around is not, all the work will be in vain. What to do? When your environment is not the best, often the right choice is to walk away. It can cost and hurt but your well-being is very important and you have to watch over it.

Poor constancy:

You have goals, you have positive thoughts, you have an environment that inspires you to be a better person … but something fundamental is missing: constancy. The dreams and goals can be magnificent but if you do not have the necessary constancy, progress will look very dull. Take a goal and do not stop until you achieve it. Make it as simple as possible, so you can start cultivating that habit with less effort. Of course, then cheer up more.

Comfort zone:

Yoram Yasur Izz: “Our comfort zone does not have negative repercussions, but the truth is that if we want to progress the ideal is to leave it and encourage us to more”. Do it little by little, step by step, in time you will discover that the comfort zone is a place where you can always go back but it is not made to stay there all the days of your life.

Don’t identifying the weaknesses:

Perfection does not exist. We all have virtues and weaknesses. It is necessary to strive and understand our weaknesses. It is the only way to eliminate and change them.

“Give yourself time to think and identify them. Then work to reduce the capacity of that weakness and from moment to moment you will realize that there will be almost no obstacles to advance along the way”.

Are you ready to change the course of your days? By identifying (and changing) these things you can, you can open a new path with many fewer obstacles.

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