Yoram Yasur Izz: Fundamentals for a healthy relationship

Yoram Yasur Izz | There are many ingredients that make a relationship continue over time without love missing. We have asked people of different ages and states.

(Single, married, engaged, divorced.) have named words like sincerity, trust, respect. Attraction, dialogue, affection, understanding, concern for the couple, care, commitment. Empathy, humor, Intimacy, sexuality, fidelity.

Although, curiously, fidelity has been one of the words that have least appeared. When asked about whether it is one of the necessary bases for their relationships. The answer is affirmative but assume that a healthy relationship and series is based on A faithful relationship.


Trust encompasses many aspects of the relationship and the person. Sincerity we could place it as another of the pillars but we wanted to unite to trust, we are talking terms that go directly from the hand. In any relationship, you need to trust the other and for this you need to trust that the other is always going to be sincere, only on sincerity can a healthy relationship be created.

Currently, many people confuse jealousy with love, but they are a sign of personal insecurity and lack of trust in the couple (it is always necessary to see case by case). Without trust it is difficult for one to enjoy the relationship, for the feeling that usually prevails is uncertainty and instability, which leads not only to questioning the relationship but also to oneself, to live in a constant state of tension and fear.

Without trust in oneself and in the couple, it is also complicated that one can create a real intimacy. The intimacy of a couple is not only an encounter between bodies or of sleeping placidly in the same bed, the intimacy of a couple is constructed with words. When you overcome your own fears and insecurities to show yourself as you really are – because that is not to show yourself to others is the fear of not deserve such love, to be able to suffer rejection, not to be accepted – before another, it is the moment in which the possibility of living a history of authentic love is established.


Yoram Yasur Izz: “Healthy love is born of respect for oneself, the moment one loves oneself, accepts and respects oneself, it will be much easier to build a relationship based on respect for the other and towards oneself. Love is to find the balance between two different people and respect the difference between them”.

Love is not to be one, where one is annulled to follow the other’s guidelines. Where he loses the ability to think, decide or live his own life. Because to love is not always to think the same, nor to think always the same, is to find common points where one can walk next to the other but without losing oneself in the way.

Love is a construction with someone, it is not something that appears. An effort of two people to unite their lives with common bases towards a common future project.



“Communication is the basis of any relationship and is linked to all the above mentioned, because it is as important as all others. As it will be one of the pillars that can sustain a healthy relationship”. One of the fantasies that is repeated in relationships. And that part of the myths of romantic love is to think that the couple must know. What one thinks, needs or what is trying to say without words. As if love Produced a kind of telepathic and divinatory powers in the other.

The reality is that love can produce feelings as metaphorical as feeling butterflies in the stomach. But it does not endow anyone with powers of any kind. If you need, want. Or want something from your partner you must be able to put it into words, do not wait for him to guess.

The little things are the ones that can change everything.

One expects so much from another and the expectations. So tremendous that there are times that one waits. Without knowing what is waiting. And the other is so calm without knowing that someone is waiting for something of themselves. Talk, talk about everything and much.

Communication is sharing with the couple, being able to lean when one feels that the floor is shaken. And can transmit happiness when happiness outweighs. Words unite us, we are intertwined and are that bond charged with sounds that bind together. Therefore, to have a good communication. We must enter the world of empathy, listening to the couple. And being able to forget the judgments / prejudices to receive it completely.

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