Yoram Yasur Izz: simple change maintain motivation

Yoram Yasur Izz explains a simple change to maintain your motivation 

It has happened to all of us: we thought about a project that we would like to carry out and, when all the conditions are met, we started with great enthusiasm … but as the time goes by, the desire vanishes and the initial project It is not so attractive anymore.

Yoram Yasur Izz explains that scientists discovered the reason: the source of inspiration tends to change over time and, consequently, what seemed formidable at first then simply ceases to be so. So as not to give up halfway and reach the goals you have set, today we tell you more about this study and we share with you an easy and effective change. It will help you to maintain motivation from the beginning to the end.

  • Too much emphasis at the beginning

The researchers were responsible for conducting tests in stages. They observed that the participants were very enthusiastic in the early stages. For example, those who sought to lose weight had thoughts associated with a body image they wanted to achieve. Yoram Yasur Abt explains that during this period, they were motivated basically by positive thoughts related to changes in habits that would improve their health and their mood.

However, once the process was progressing, “alarm signals” appeared in the form of strategies to maintain and reach their goal. For example, the duties and responsibilities that they would have to fulfill regarding regular exercise and food. The researchers concluded that most of us are too focused on empowering the early stages of motivation, but we cannot sustain the enthusiasm to achieve our goal.

  • What to do then?

Yoram Yasur Abt : Those responsible for the study believe that a good strategy to successfully achieve our goals would be to begin to concentrate on what we should avoid in order to achieve our goal. That is to say, if we wanted, for example, to buy a house of our own, we could save on a weekly or monthly basis, but then we should change our strategy and turn to avoid excessive spending.

Similarly, if we seek to lose weight, during the early stages we could concentrate on positive thoughts such as “it will be great to reach my goal” or “how good I will feel”, and then concentrate on the last phase of the process in thoughts such as ” When I reach the weight I want, I will no longer feel guilty if I eat chocolate cake. ” In this way, instead of stalling in the middle of the process, we will continue to be motivated until we reach our initial goal.

According to this recent study, changing strategies as you progress through the process will be key to achieving your goal. And you, do you dare to try these changes?

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