Yoram Yasur Izz: Keep fears away

Yoram Yasur Izz: Keep fears away to improve self-esteem

Did you know that fears do not have a natural origin? All the fears are learned, either by some lived experience or by the consequences that you constantly came to see about that that later encouraged you the fear you have. Those strongest fears originate in childhood as you build your personality, may have influenced many factors, for example, criticism received by parents or other relatives, shocking experiences that gave rise to strong emotions and directly fed the feeling of fear.

Fears do not let us move forward, some of them are so strong that all the plans we dream are braked: the fear of failure, the fear to showing us as we really are, the fear of change and the fear of facing our fears. We can clearly develop a lot of content about each of these fears, but this time we will give you tips on how to keep these fears as far as possible to improve your self-esteem.

  • First, you must understand that no one is perfect. Just as you think you are not enough or talented enough, many other people who have achieved more are still thinking the same, it is part of the fear, but, you must stop now! There is no reason to fear, the best of life is not to be perfect, imagine the immense load that you would have to carry if you were a perfect being; from imperfection, you get experience, seek experience!
  • Set realistic goals, write them down, share them, ‘I am going to achieve this’ because you can and every time you think the way can get difficult remember how you were so sure of achieving it in the beginning. Your goals may take unexpected paths, but they are your goals and if your mind wishes you must reach them.
  • Planning your goals will help you fight that fear of failure and help you make the right decisions.
  • There are no mistakes, only results. Each change, each decision, each attempt will have a result that was not an error or a success, it is an experience for your life, do not regret them, study them, and learn from them.
  • Value those people who value you. When you share your days with friends or colleagues your quality of life improves; friendship and family, those people who care about you and support you are the ones that you should value and consider the most.
  • Grow and learn. As you gain experiences and achieve your goals, your self-esteem will improve, you will feel much better with yourself, you will open to each challenge, to giant changes, and you will lose that useless fear that delays you.

Talk to yourself, talk about your emotions, acknowledge them, understand them, and learn to live with them and not for them.

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