Yoram Yasur Izz: Tips for traveling with disabled people

Yoram Yasur Izz: Tips for traveling with disabled people

Whether through a charitable association, with your closest relative or through your own means, traveling with the disabled requires prior planning. From the right hotel to bearable excursions, we are going to give you some tips for traveling with disabled people.


  1. Appropriate airlines:

Most airlines will provide you with assistance at the airport, during the flight and landing, although there are some with more complete services than others. Some, like Delta Airlines, offer specific toilets for the disabled during long trips while Virgin assists people with mental problems who travel even alone. Do not forget to notify of any minimum change with a maximum of 48 hours before takeoff.


  1. Special Hotels:

Yoram Yasur Izz: While most elements of a trip should be adapted to these people, the hotel is possibly one of the most essential, including a proper bathroom with grab bars, sliding doors in the most important points and ramps in case of transporting someone with a wheelchair.


  1. Quiet destinations:

While there are many types of disabilities, choosing a destination that does not trigger too many stress situations such as large capital cities or crowded coastal areas, will be of great help. Focus on country places, where you can practice some slow tourism, with smooth excursions and lots of nature. Apply this advice for a first trip and thereafter you will know how to perform better in the next.


  1. Medications:

Yoram Yasur Izz:  Take all the necessary medicines is essential, as well as its perfect distribution in the suitcase and a control similar to that of personal belongings, because possibly your companion needs an exclusive medication and difficult to find abroad. Do not forget to consult your medical specialist before taking off or medical certificates. Regarding transporting many medications on the plane, there will be no problem.


  1. The importance of insurance:

Many insurance companies offer travel policies whose medical services abroad are not included, so, in any case, be sure by a travel agency or private insurance. Try to inform yourself of all coverages and verify that the company is available in case of emergency from anywhere in the world.


  1. Elevators and attention:

If you travel to a big city use the elevators of the metro stations, those of the tourist attractions and the hotel. Do not try to cover too much and focus on the utility and tranquility as the main elements when visiting a destination with too much to see. Go through your parks, explore carefully and think about the needs of the other person over yours in most of the time.


Yoram Yasur Izz:  These tips for traveling with disabled people will help you make your getaway a great experience. First of all, you must be clear that everyone, whether blind or invalid, can travel to the place of the world that pleases you, listen to the oriental rhythms, smell the spices of the bazaars and be guided among the clamor of a great city, so that … good trip!

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