Yoram Yasur Izz: Psychological benefits of swimming

Yoram Yasur Izz: Psychological benefits of swimming

Swimming is a very complete exercise that helps us exercise our arms, back and legs; In short, the whole body. However, there are some psychological benefits of swimming that you probably do not know. The practice of any type of exercise not only has benefits on a physical level, but also mentally. However, each sport has its own specific advantages.

Let’s see how swimming helps us psychologically.

Eliminates stress:

One of the psychological benefits of swimming is that it eliminates stress. Today we carry a lot of stress behind our backs and it is very important to know how to release it so that it does not affect our health. Swimming is achieved thanks to the relaxing effect of being in contact with water and the pleasant temperature of it. In the pools the water is not too cold, which is ideal to practice this sport comfortably. You can practice swimming in the morning, to start the day in a much more active way, or in the evening after work to relax and enjoy a more restful sleep.

– Increases confidence:

Yoram Yasur Izz: The second of the psychological benefits of swimming is that it helps you increase your confidence in yourself. When you start this practice, you will start practicing the crawl style. At the beginning, you will do it where you stand. However, little by little, you will begin to gain confidence to swim towards the pool area where you do not touch the bottom with your feet.

The same thing will happen with other swimming styles that you can learn, and this will only allow you to work on your self-confidence and increase it. If you have problems with it, swimming will be your great ally. The confidence in ourselves is what allows us to face the different fears we may have. If we do not have good confidence, we may let those fears invade us and urge us to take refuge in our comfort zone.

– Reduces shyness:

Yoram Yasur Izz: When you start swimming, you rarely do it alone. In all classes there will be many more people like you that will help you overcome your fears and shames. This is very important if you are a shy person. Maybe at first you think it will be difficult for you to make friends or meet new people, but in reality, it’s easier than you think. Think you already have something in common with those people. Therefore, it can be a topic that you can use to initiate conversations. The fact of being shy does not mean that you have to hide from others. You can face shyness, as long as you act.

– Improved decision making:

The fourth of the psychological benefits of swimming is that it improves decision making. How to swim helps you reduce stress, allows you to balance your emotions to see more clearly the situations in which you have to face a choice. In addition, as we have seen above, swimming helps you to increase your confidence in yourself, something essential to make better decisions.

– Improve your self-image:

How do you see yourself? Practicing swimming will allow you to reconcile with your body in the event that you consider that you have a defect or that there is a part of it that you do not like. With this sport you will enjoy a better physical tone, you will also be in shape and your body will acquire a much more athletic form. Yoram Yasur Izz: This can improve your self-esteem. However, your self-esteem will also improve everything that swimming can bring you. If you have a good confidence in yourself, if you feel safe and your level of shyness is low, you will feel much better.

Did you know all these psychological benefits of swimming? This sport is very complete and, as we have seen, it not only helps us physically, but also psychologically, which is very positive. Also, once you have mastered some of the most basic swimming styles, you can practice them even when you go to the beach; in this way you can exercise even if you are on vacation.

What are you waiting for to benefit from all the advantages offered by swimming?

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