Yoram Yasur Izz: Overcome abortion as a couple

Yoram Yasur Izz: How to overcome an abortion as a couple

For a mother and a father, losing a child in any circumstance causes immense pain, so the words of encouragement can become insignificant. The picture is the same when the baby cannot be born. Therefore, here are some tips to overcome abortion as a couple.

After a terrible situation like this, it is difficult to imagine what will come for the relationship. Some people move away, others do not show their emotions, while in some cases the despair makes everything go out of control. In our society, death remains a taboo and very little is said about abortion. Hence the importance of parents seeking a strong and cohesive bond in favor of accepting and learning to live with the loss.

The couple after the abortion:

Yoram Yasur Izz: When a relationship experiences a loss as significant as that of a child, the impact translates into mostly negative consequences. The guilt and distrust of the other person can become weapons of mass destruction. In this situation of desolation, the support is received to a greater extent by women.

Those who support the couple tend to think that the worst part of the loss is deposited in it. However, the man also suffers the death of his baby. From these differences spacing between parents is generated, so the experience can be overwhelming, and both can encounter contradictory emotions.

Sexual intimacy:

Yoram Yasur Izz: The sexual encounter can become a topic of discussion. At first, no one will want to maintain this type of relationship, but if there is no dialogue about what each one feels or thinks, differences of opinion will open a difficult gap to close. In some cases, they will associate sex with what happened. They could feel guilty if the conditions were again generated to maintain the act. However, sex can mean the meeting of the couple.

You have to take time and understand what you both want. In the end, what matters is that both are prepared to rediscover the positive aspect of the relationship. Sexual intimacy needs them recovered. Overcoming a couple’s abortion goes beyond what sex means to the relationship: it is about accepting the consequences that the loss left and learning to live with those experiences.

How to continue?

Make a duel:

It is really important that the two allow themselves to go through the grief of having lost that loved one, who waited so many months with cravings. Otherwise, the consequences will be devastating. Yoram Yasur Izz: Allow yourself to cry together and apart. Each person goes through the moment as he can, so do not expect to see certain actions in the other. The fact that your partner doesn’t cry is not a factual example of what they feel.

To look for help:

There are those who think that they can go out alone from all that pain that permeates every part of their being. Maybe talking to friends and family helps to release anger, pain, or anger. Yoram Yasur Izz: To overcome abortion as a couple, it is necessary to consider the help of a professional, who will be the one to tell us how to successfully exit each stage of grief and the future that is coming. At this time, it is important that the couple assume a unit. Understanding the other and communicating each feeling and thought will strengthen the trust between the two.

Full trust in the couple:

The emotional effects of abortion cannot be measured. Sadness and despair can take over the situation. However, before this mountain of feelings, it is important to understand that there are no guilty parties. In the couple each person will approach their own strategies to overcome the pain, but together they should support each other in order to consolidate the health of the relationship. Trust those who are next to you, understand the other’s feelings, give them their space, but embrace in the same objective.

Always united:

Yoram Yasur Izz: Both must start from the premise that you are the ones who know best the situation you are going through. This makes you the ideal company to face the challenge you have before you: overcome abortion as a couple. The loss of a pregnancy can mean, within the chaos, that the bond is strengthened.

Have faith:

Betting on spirituality can be a great response. It is about holding on to the spiritual beliefs that each one has. Within you will find the faith and the necessary reasons to overcome the tragedy. Abortion is unfair. Both the father and the mother are involved in a surreal world because, in addition, they never came to think that they could be victims of a fact like this.

Losing a baby, in which the future of the relationship was deposited, is a breaking point that means the greatest friction of the built project. However, overcoming abortion as a couple is the north you must follow. Find the reasons that brought you together. Life always gives opportunities.

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