Yoram Yasur Izz: change social circles, make friends

Yoram Yasur Izz: How to change social circles and make new friends

In some situations of life, you seek to meet new people. Sometimes it’s because you’ve just moved to another city, other times the reason is a sentimental break, or maybe you just want to get out of the routine and get to know other perspectives on life. We will give you ideas to achieve this goal.

When you start from nothing:

Yoram Yasur Izz: There are times in life when you can find yourself alone, for several reasons. One of them is a geographical change for professional reasons. Let’s say that you were very comfortable in your city with your social circle of a lifetime, but suddenly your company offers you a very interesting opportunity in another part of the country, and you move. Now you want to find friends in that new place, but you do not know where to start, and you are a bit misplaced.

The important thing is that you move a lot. Then I’ll give you some tips to meet new people, but you have to know that making a network of friends takes some time, and requires a little effort, both to go to events and to take the step and talk to strangers. The more active you are, the newer contacts you will make and quickly you will have a new social circle around you.

Where to find new friends:

  • The co-workers. Some people do not prefer to mix work relationships with personal ones, but you can make friends with co-workers, and if you do not want to have conflicts of interest, you can approach people who work in other departments than yours. You have it very easy, you propose to go for a beer to the exit to the people that you like, and maybe a friendship is born.
  • The parents of your children’s classmates. If you have children, you can take advantage while you wait to pick them up at school to talk with other parents. Or simply, if your children make friends with classmates, you can suggest that they invite their friends’ home, and in the process that allows you to get in touch with the parents.
  • Sports or cultural activities. Yoram Yasur Izz:  Are you passionate about football? Do you want to learn to paint or play the guitar? If you join a club or an academy, you will be in contact with other people who share your interest, and new friendships can be born.
  • NGOs If you are a supportive person, you can sign up for an NGO with which you identify and volunteer. Surely you end up interacting with the other volunteers, since you will have a common philosophy.
  • Social networks. Yoram Yasur Izz:  Do not forget the Internet. Today there are many shared events on social networks. It is enough that you write down the things that you like, especially the events that allow you to talk and share (like a dinner, a language exchange, or similar things). You can also sign up for a chat or application of people from your city and establish contact with other people, first remotely, and then with live shows.

You see, in the end making new friends is quite simple. But we repeat, you have to move.

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